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Carpets and mats are vacuumed. Interior windows are cleaned. Vents are cleaned with compressed air and the console, dash and door panels are dressed to provide a protective finish. 

Deep cleans carpets and mats only. The hot extraction process will help remove most dirt and stains. Completed with a pleasant scent inside the car. 

Car is hand washed with high pressure soap and water. Wheels are cleaned and tires are dressed to shine. Includes: A Spray Wax.

A process using clay bar or pad, that removes most contaminates that adhere to the car’s painted surface. This leaves the car’s finish clean and smooth ready for wax. Highly recommended if the paint feels rough.

A process that deep cleans Cloth seats only. The hot extraction process will help lift most dirt and stains. Leather seats are cleaned and condtioned. 

Deep cleans up to four (4) mats. The process helps to removes dirt and most stains.

A process that utilizes ozone to help destroy tobacco smoke and its inherent impurities plus odors from spills, pets, mold and mildew.

Bicalho Auto Detail wax that provides the vehicle with a deep durable shine for that “New Car” look. This also includes a wheel cleaning treatment and tire dressing.

Do not fail your car’s safety inspection. We use up to a 9 step process to help restore clarity back to headlight lenses that have become dull or cloudy. Improves visibility and saves money from having to replace expensive lenses. For 2 Lenses.